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The communes of Binningen and Bottmingen form common parishes.

Evangelical-Reformed parish Binningen-Bottmingen

Services are held in the St. Margarethenkirche church, the Paradieskirche church on Langengasse 60/corner of Neubadrain and in the Bottmingen church. In addition to the parish offices, the parish maintains an office for public and religious youth work and an office for old-age issues.

Address and contact

Reformed Church Parish Secretariat
Schafmattweg 60, 4102 Binningen
Tel.: 061 425 70 50
Fax: 061 425 70 51
E-mail: infoNULL@kgbb.ch

Website: www.kgbb.ch

Roman-Catholic parish Binningen-Bottmingen

The Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Binningen is the parish church.

Address and contact

Roman-Catholic Parish Office Secretariat
Margarethenstrasse 32, 4102 Binningen
Tel.: 061 425 90 00
Fax: 061 421 90 06
E-mail: infoNULL@rkk-bibo.ch

Website: www.rkk-bibo.ch