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Care, extra-familial

Contributions by the commune to extra-familial care provided by day-care centres and child day-care families

Starting on 12 August 2013, the commune of Binningen makes contributions to families residing in Binningen who have their children cared for by day-care centres and child day-care families up to the end of their primary school years. The care may be provided within or outside the commune of Binningen. The criteria for entitlement to contributions are based on income, assets and employment level. They are listed below.

General provisions

  1. A day-care centre is recognised if it is authorised in accordance with the ordinance dated 19 October 1977 on the Placement of Children in Foster Care and for Adoption (PAVO).
  2. Where the care is provided by a child day-care family, no entitlement exists if the main carer in the family providing the child care is related to the eligible person by birth or marriage or lives in a registered partnership, long-term relationship or in the same household.
  3. Parents and legal guardians residing in Binningen are eligible.

Provisions in respect of contribution assessment according to income and assets

  1. Contributions will be made if the parents’ income (according to item 399 of the last definitive tax assessment decision) is less than CHF 100,000 and the taxable assets (according to item 910 of the last definitive tax assessment decision) are less than CHF 200,000. The maximum contribution per hour is CHF 10 and will be paid up to an income of CHF 50,000.
  2. CHF 10,000 may be deducted from the income according to item 399 for a second and each additional child registered for extra-familial care in Binningen (day-care centres, child day-care families, school care). Accordingly, the upper income limit for entitlement to contributions rises to CHF 110,000 for two children, CHF 120,000 for three children, etc.
  3. In the case of persons living in a registered partnership or long-term relationship, the sum of the determined annual income of both persons is regarded as the authoritative income. Established domestic partnerships are deemed to be partnerships that have been in existence for at least two years or have children together.

Provisions in respect of employment level

  1. If a single parent is unemployed and not undertaking basic or advanced vocational training, nor participating in an occupational integration measure, he or she has no entitlement to contributions. Entitlement to benefits for single parent beneficiaries is max. 20% (one day) above the work quota actually performed, unless the extra-familial care of one or more children represents a measure ordered by the social welfare or child and adult protection authorities.
  2. If parents or legal guardians living in an unseparated marriage, a registered partnership or a long-term relationship are in gainful employment that does not amount together to more than the hours of a full-time job, no contributions will be granted. In the case of two-income households, the maximum entitlement to benefits is the sum of the two work quotas less 80%, unless the extra-familial care of one or more children represents a measure ordered by the social welfare or child and adult protection authorities.
  3. Basic and advanced vocational training measures are taken into account when determining the work quota, as are occupational integration measures.
  4. Applications over and above this are not subsidised.

Calculation and payment of the contributions

Parents and legal guardians are to register their claim to the Binningen Commune Administration, Dept. BKS, Curt Goetz-Strasse 1, 4102 Binningen, using the special registration form. One registration form should be completed per child. When registering their children, parents and legal guardians are required to provide evidence of their employment level, their current basic/advanced training as well as any occupational reintegration schemes (self-declaration).

After checking the application, the Binningen Commune Administration will notify the applicants as to whether they qualify for contributions and, if so, how much they will receive. Contributions will be paid solely for the time after registration with the commune.

Contributions will be paid to the beneficiaries quarterly retrospectively based on the attendance report of the care institution. Payments may also be made monthly on request.

Payments may also be made direct to the care institution at its request, subject to the written consent of the beneficiaries.

On the basis of the last definitive tax assessment decision, the contributions are recalculated and fixed once a year, with effect from 1 August, for the coming period (August to July). The documents are to be resubmitted annually in June.

The provisions of the regulations concerning extra-familial child care during the early and primary school years shall apply together with the tariff structure for extra-familial child care in day-care centres and child day-care families. These documents are available on the commune of Binningen website (www.binningen.ch > Politik > Gesetzessammlung). They may also be requested from the Binningen Kindergarten and Primary School Secretariat (Tel. 061 425 53 51, mornings only).

Binningen Commune Administration