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Care institutions in Binningen


KIMI Giardino

Information and registration

KIMI Giardino AG
In den Schutzmatten 6
4102 Binningen

Téléphone : 061 423 07 41
E-mail : binningen@kimikrippen.ch
Site Internet : www.kimikrippen.ch

Chinderhuus zum Dischtelfink

The Chinderhuus zum Dischtelfink children’s care centre offers half and full-day care in a beautiful old house with a large garden.

Children from 6 months of age until starting kindergarten are looked after in two mixed age groups. Fresh meals are cooked every day using organic ingredients.

Opening hours

Monday to Thursday: 7.30 – 17.30
Friday: 7.30 – 13.00

The children’s care centre is closed in the two last weeks of July and between Christmas and 2 January.

Information and registration

Chinderhuus zum Dischtelfink
Christine Zech
Hauptstrasse 81
4102 Binningen

Telephone 061 422 12 31
E-mail: infoNULL@dischtelfink.ch
Website: www.dischtelfink.ch

KITA Wunderland

Opening hours: Monday - Thursday from 7.15 - 18.30
Information and registration
KITA Wunderland Binningen
Bündtenmattstrasse 91
4102 Binningen

Tel. 078 713 41 18
E-mail: kitawunderlandbinningenNULL@gmx.ch
Website: www.kitawunderland-binningen.com

Early Learning Academy

Kimby AG

The innermost desire of every parent is to find the ideal place to keep their child during their professional activity: a safe environment conducive to development. In our multi-structure (nursery, kindergarten, extracurricular and camps center), the child is at the center of all our attention. Thus, at the basis of our learning and development programs, we strive to find professional staff that encourage varied, playful and encouraging forms of individual and group activities. We aspire to support each child in his or her development, both in the process of socialization, as well as in empowerment or in developing his or her autonomy. Our qualified pedagogical team is committed with great motivation to take care of the children entrusted to them. We provide bilingual (English - German) supervision thanks to our staff of native speakers who support a daily, authentic and natural language learning through various activities. This is how children live and progress in both languages, creating links between positive experiences and emotions, and gradually learning to use languages as a means of communication. Their vocabulary will be richer and more diversified!
Our canteen service is a convivial learning experience. We try to convey the values of a balanced diet through freshly cooked, balanced meals and adapted to the nutritional needs of children. Most of our products are local. We also offer a school pick-up service in front of the local kindergartens and primary schools with canteen and extracurricular services in the afternoons when they do not have class. This service is available to all families with children aged 4 to 10 years old.

  • Highly qualified childcare specialists and carers, with more qualified staff per child than recommended
  • Full immersion in English and German
  • Children from 3mo to 10yo welcome
  • Full days and half-days possible, with or without meals, including school pick-up
  • Meals prepared daily, with local, fresh, seasonal produce
  • Outdoor playground, in front of the building
  • In close proximity to adventure parks, green spaces, playgrounds and sports fields.
  • Highly competitive rates with subventions from Binningen’s Town Hall (see conditions)
  • No additional charges for diapers, hygiene products, food, craft material or day trips!
  • Daily transparent communication between staff and parents
  • Special rates for siblings
  • Ease of access: Trams 2 (« Hohle Gasse » stop) and 10 (« Oberdorf » stop)
  • Parking lots nearby, in front of « Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank », and lots of parking spaces around the neighbourhood

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

school holidays included (except Christmas and New Year’s celebrations)

Additional information and registration

early learning academy
Kimby AG
Weihermattstrasse 2
4102 Binningen

Phone: 061 511 08 30
Email: academyNULL@kimby.ch

For more information, please visit our website: www.kimby.ch