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The commune of Binningen is run in a citizen-friendly and cost-effective manner in accordance with the principles of effect-oriented administrative management.

Commune council

The commune council is the executive body of the commune. Its seven members are elected every four years on a majority vote basis. It is the highest controlling and executive authority. Its members meet once a week in closed session.

Residents’ council

The residents’ council is the legislative authority. Its 40 members are elected every four years on a proportional representation basis. Each year the residents’ council elects a chairperson and deputy chairperson to serve for one year. The meetings are normally held on the last Monday of each month and are open to the public. Among the most important tasks of the residents’ council are the issuing of regulations, the fixing of the commune tax rate, approval of the budget and annual accounts as well as supervision of the administration. The documents relating to the meetings of the residents’ council can be found online.

Voting and elections