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Hauskehrichtsäcke mit Gebührenmarken Household refuse

  • Eastern plateau: Tuesday
  • Western plateau: Wednesday

Refuse collection calender 2018  [PDF]

Refuse collection calender 2019 [pdf]

Information on household waste and bulky waste collection, green waste collection, garden waste shredding service, collection points, metal collection and hazardous waste.

Collection points
Opening hours of the collection points for glass, tinplate, aluminium.

Organic waste

There is a organic waste collection point in Binningen for the disposal of preparation and kitchen waste.

Valuable tips on the subject of compost.

(District compost facilities, tips on home composting, etc.)

Werkhof (maintenance depot)
Opening hours for the disposal of rubble, soil, ceramics, mirror glass, window glass, wash basins, animal carcasses, scrap metal and textiles.

Important questions on the refuse collection calendar

  • When does each refuse collection take place? (Page 1)
  • At what time and in what form must each type of refuse be prepared for collection and how much does it cost? (Pages 2/3)
  • Various information about the garden waste shredding service, bulky waste, collection and sales points, telephone numbers, etc. (Page 4)
  • Where are the refuse disposal points, when does each refuse collection take place in each particular commune area? (Pages 5/6)
  • Where can the refuse disposal stamps be purchased? (Page 4)

Department responsible: Civil Engineering and Environment

Questions and information